Can You Sublimate On A Glass Cup? How to Sublimate on Glass Mugs?

Can You Sublimate On A Glass Cup? How to Sublimate on Glass Mugs? You’ve seen those amazing mugs with the photos or designs printed on them and you want to make your own, but you don’t know how.

Can You Sublimate On A Glass Cup?
Can You Sublimate On A Glass Cup?

It can be difficult to create your own sublimated mug because there are so many steps and it’s easy to make a mistake.

Jackie Reeve‘s guide will take you through every step of the process, from selecting the right mug to printing your design. We’ll also show you how to avoid common mistakes and get the best results.

Can You Sublimate On A Glass Cup?

Sublimation printing aims to transit art from paper and other traditional mediums like fabric or canvas into objects such as glass. First, you need an image printed onto a piece using this method: relief prints that are then embossed with ink drops that respond to various levels of temperature change through heat application (or pressure).

Before proceeding with the procedure, it is essential to understand which materials are suitable for sublimation. The process takes place at a high temperature known as sublimation temperature. In the case of glass, the sublimation temperature is around 400 °F. In a nutshell, a glass that can tolerate high temperatures can be sublimated.

Method for sublimation coating: A sublimation transfer is placed around the container with a dye image an outer surface of the cup and extending beneath the handle. The wrapped cup and sublimation transfer is placed on a conveyor oven for sublimation heating, with the clamp being removed for reuse after the sublimation transfer of the dye layer onto the cup is completed.

Source: https://patents.google.com/

Most people are curious about whether the regular glass is okay for this art or not? A simple beer stein can only be sublimated rightfully after being coated with a spray.

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The Sublimate material converts into an adhesive that holds up to six layers of ink before it’s ready and these sprays are readily available online as well as in stores such as I found AlbaChem Eco Mist Spray great at doing just what you need!

Unfortunately, you can’t sublimate shot glasses. The Sublimation Pressures needed to complete the process correctly are too much for delicate, small items!

But luckily there’s an easy way around this – just substitute your oven-based printing with wrap Printing if needed though because it has similar properties as those found on presses but without being quite so high risk or expensive.

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Things That You Will Require to Sublimate on Glass Mugs

Things That You Will Require to Sublimate on Glass Mugs
Things That You Will Require to Sublimate on Glass Mugs

The following materials are necessary for sublimation on glass:

  • Sublimation printer
  • Inks for sublimation
    Papers for sublimation
  • Glass
  • Heat press machine

Though it may seem like a risky task, performing sublimation on glass mugs is actually quite simple if one follows these step-by instructions. Let’s talk about materials first!

Sublimation Printer

In order to sublimate print, you need a high-quality dual printer that uses heat and ink. I found the Epson eco tank does this beautifully! If you only have single function machine available, don’t worry – you can still utilize the process. Just make sure it’s full before starting your project.

Sublimation Ink

Sublimation ink is essential for high-quality printing on glass. I rely only on Epson sublimate, which can be found easily online due its availability in most stores nowadays and at an affordable price too!

Sublimation Paper

For those who don’t know, sublimation is a printing process where the ink actually disappears into the material. If you want clear and crisp designs, it’s best to use lighter papers so your design won’t be obscured or smudged. And of course, we always want to take our time when creating art!

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Press Machine

When it comes to glass sublimation, the method differs somewhat due to the use of a heat press equipment. Make sure you get a heat pressing machine designed specifically for glass sublimation. Before using the press, please exercise extreme care and thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Sublimate on Glass Mugs? Step By Step Instructions

How to Sublimate on Glass Mugs
How to Sublimate on Glass Mugs?

How to sublimate on glass cups? There are a few steps you need to take to print on glass perfectly.

Select a design

Make or buy the design you wish to sublimate onto the glass cup. Choose a lovely design; it might be a logo, flower art, an image, or anything else.

For accurate results, be exact in your image choice and set up. double check that the configuration is printed with the actual picture and not reverse printed. Remember, during sublimation printing occurs from the back of glass instead of from the front.

Tape the Printed Paper to the Surface of the Glass

Print the design onto a sheet of paper, and use heat tape to adhere it to the glass blank. If necessary, extra coverage can be provided with a heat-resistance pad.

Protect Your Heat Press

Always put a Teflon sheet inside the heat-press to protect it.

Place The Glass Plate

Place your glass blank on the Teflon sheet in the heat press to prevent it from any damage. The transfer paper should be facing down so you can see if the printing is done by looking at the glass.

Set aside the second Teflon sheet

After you set the glass plate correctly, place a second Teflon sheet on top of it.

Begin the Heat Press

Set the temperature of your heat press at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and select a three-and-a-half minute timer. Set the pressure to medium-firm. Remember that glass sublimation requires delicate balance; too much heat or pressure can break theglass, but not enough will destroy your design entirely.

Allow the glass to cool

Remove the Teflon sheet from atop the glass carefully. Next, remove the sublimation paper and let the glass cool in the room temperature air.

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Get sublimated glass cups

Now that the sublimation paper has been peeled away, beautiful sublimated glass is now available!

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Tips for Sublimation on Glass

Tips for Sublimation on Glass
Tips for Sublimation on Glass
  • Wear gloves; your hands will not be burned.
  • Before beginning design, ensure that the glass is completely placed.
  • Make sure that your design is the right size for the glass blank. You don’t want it to be too small or too large.
  • Cut out the design carefully so that there are no jagged edges.
  • Place the design on the glass blank before putting it in the heat press. This will help to ensure that it is positioned correctly.
  • Set the heat press to the recommended settings for sublimation onto glass. These settings will vary depending on the type of glass that you are using.
  • Close the heat press and allow it to do its work. Do not open it until the allotted time has passed.
  • After the allotted time has passed, open the heat press and remove the glass mug.
  • Allow the glass mug to cool before enjoying it.

FAQs How to Sublimate on Glass Mugs

Is it possible to sublimate directly on glass?

The items below are all great substrates for sublimation printing. This means that they have a poly coating, to which your sublimation print will adhere. Note that you cannot use sublimation printing on any glass surface.

How do you use a heat press to sublimate a glass tumbler?

Press for 120 seconds, then rotate 180 degrees and press for 120 seconds more. While removing the frosted glass tumbler, use sublimation gloves to protect your hands. Allow the tumbler to cool somewhat before removing the tape and transferring the paper. These frosted glass sublimation tumblers are just adorable!


How to sublimate glass mugs? Sublimation is a great way to personalize your glass mugs. By following these simple tips which were coved above, you can create a beautiful and unique mug that will show off your personality. Cupsplus hope this post bring you many useful information. Have fun with it!

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